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C#.NET Standard 2.0Unit TestingCode With Me
This is a library for fluently writing constructor unit tests and assertions. The reason I created this was because I found it very clunky to write constructor tests - especially for constructors where lots of exceptions are thrown. The classic scenario is a constructor that takes 3 - 4 arguments and null checks all of them.
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Complex usage of Fluent Constructor Assertions


Adobe XDReact, Theme-UIChromaticnpm install draekien-ui (obsolete)
I created this styled UI library as a way to familiarise myself with front-end technologies that are being used at my workplace. Creating this library has also allowed me to explore the CI/CD pipeline offered by GitHub via Actions, for instance automatic storybook deployment, and package publishing. I went for a super clean asthetic to allow the library to be used in a wide range of situations.
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An example website made using Draekien UI


Adobe XDNikon D750Next JSVercel
Jiggle Pudding wanted a very simple website to showcase the different flavours available, where they could be found, and how they could be contacted.I used the colours from the provided logo as the colour palette of the website, took some photos of the product, ate some delicious Purin, and put together the design.
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The landing page of Jiggle Pudding


FigmaunDrawReact, Express, MongoHeroku
Macquarie University Advanced Web Development final end of course group project. We were instructed to create an MVP for a website that allowed user registration and user interactions.I was responsible for the creation of the designs as well as the backend API using Express JS. I also assisted heavily in the creation of the frontend application and setup of our MongoDB.
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The landing page of Book MQ